School Trip Destinations to Encourage a Love of STEM

Today, we’ve taken a look at just a few school trip destinations that not only offer opportunities for school groups, but also get students inspired and interested in learning about STEM subjects. These destinations can also help students to see how these subjects apply to our everyday lives, and why it’s important we learn about them at school – perfect!

Ready for a school trip focused on STEM? Let’s see where your class could go…

The MAD Museum (Stratford-upon-Avon)

MAD Museum


At the MAD Museum, your students can interact with pieces of kinetic art and automata, and see how each contraption works. Each piece at the museum lets students explore design, fine art, technology and sculpting to learn more about the materials and design elements that go into designing contraptions, as well as physics, engineering and maths as they understand how they all engage with one another to make them.

Science Museum (London)

Science Museum


This is a fantastic way of getting your students excited about STEM. At the Science Museum in London, students can see the largest number of science and technology objects in the world, covering natural sciences, engineering, technology and medicine. The museum also includes some very exciting items to see such as Stephenson’s Rocket.

National Space Centre (Leicester)

National Space Centre


If your students love learning about space or you’re doing a topic on this incredibly interesting subject, then this is the place to be. With six interactive galleries, the UK’s largest planetarium, a simulator experience, rockets and more, this is the perfect attraction to learn about all things out-of-this-world.

Life Science Centre (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Life Science Centre


The Life Science Centre has so much to learn about STEM for reception to Key Stage 2 students. At the moment, they’re running an exciting ‘Dino Jaws’ exhibition until April 2018, but they also have live theatre shows on science, the planetarium, a Brain Zone (that teaches about the Human Brain), a Curiosity Zone and more.

The Life Science Centre offers over 100 curriculum-linked STEM workshops and are designed to match the target age group visiting and National Curriculum where appropriate, so it’s very accommodating for schools too!

National Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh)

National Museum of Scotland


The National Museum of Scotland has some exciting science and natural world galleries for schools to go and see. What’s more though, they have My World of Work Live! Activities going on too that are designed to inspire students to forge careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Other Ideas!

You don’t have to go far to discover STEM though and the list of places to go certainly isn’t limited to this list; you can see aquariums, go to your local park to learn about environmental science and more. There may even be an exhibition near you all about a certain area of STEM. STEM is right at your doorstep, so there’s loads to do!

Have you taken your students somewhere on a STEM trip recently? Share your destinations with us by commenting on this blog or tweeting us at @EducationCity