Science Week Fun Continues!

Happy Monday everyone! This week is an exciting week as National Science & Engineering Week 2012 continues!

Every March this particular week spotlights how science, technology, engineering and maths relate to our everyday lives, hopefully inspiring future scientists by showcasing fun and engaging activities for them to participate in!

For those pupils that love science and technology, like our very own Manu, we have created some fantastic resources including experiments, factsheets and Thinkits!

Check out our National Science Week 2012 page here.

Featured Activity of the Day

Manu in the Moon is featured today. In this activity, pupils must name and describe the phases of the Moon in the lunar cycle. There is a Learn Screen and Teacher Zone accompanying this activity. Why not try using ThinkIts ID 162 as an introduction to this activity, to get your pupils thinking around the subject of space and space travel?  Following on, ThinkIts ID 164 explains to pupils that the Moon can spin and orbit around a planet.

Manu in the Moon is available in:

  • England: Year 5
  • Scotland: First **
  • Wales: Year 5
  • Northern Ireland: P6

We hope you have a great Science Week!