Scotland Schools: Logging in to EducationCity with Glow

There is now an EducationCity tile available in Glow. This means teachers and students can now use their Microsoft Office 365 for Education accounts to log in to EducationCity via Glow – yay!

How Can Logging in with Glow Help My School?

Signing in with Glow brings lots of benefits…

  • Quicker logging in: with this option set up for your school, it’s quicker for your Admins, Teachers and Students to log in to EducationCity. All they need to do is click the EducationCity tile on their Glow Launchpad.
  • No separate logins: being able to sign in with Microsoft Office 365 for Education accounts means there’s no need to remember another set of logins.
  • Easy for you and your students: it makes it much easier for you to access EducationCity. Not only does it mean it’s quicker to sign in during lessons but when at home, students can sign in via this method too so it’s super convenient!

How Do I Set this Up for My School?

It’s simple for your school to set this up! Follow these three steps…

1. To start, call EducationCity’s Customer Service Team so they can get you set up to log in to EducationCity with Glow. To do this, just give them a call on +44 (0)1572 725080.

2. You’ll then need to add your Microsoft Office 365 for Education email addresses into Manage Users on EducationCity for the people you want to set this up for.

Please note: remember, although EducationCity ask for your students’ email addresses for this to work, they will not be emailing students.

3. When you’ve done this, all you’ll need to do is log into Glow where you can choose the EducationCity (O365) app to log you in automatically.

Top Tip! We’d recommend adding the EducationCity (O365) app version as a tile onto your Glow Launchpad to make signing in even quicker. Just press Add Tile on your Launchpad and search for EducationCity to do this.

To find out more about how to log into EducationCity with Glow, call EducationCity on +44 (0)1572 725080 or email them at