Scotland Schools: Your Checklist for the New Academic Year!

Can you believe the new Scottish academic year is right around the corner? To get you back in the swing of things with EducationCity, our Customer Service Team Leader, Katye White (below), has some great advice on getting your account ready for the new term.

Read on to see the simple 6-step checklist…

The Back to School Checklist

“Use Manage Users to complete the steps in the checklist. Manage Users is great for organising users and their logins on EducationCity and can be found on the homepage.” Katye White, Customer Service Team Leader

1. Tidy up your Students: Students who have left will need to be removed from the Students tab by the Administrator user – don’t forget to delete any staff who have left too!

2. Organise your new Classes: get organised! Move your students to their new classes – use the Classes tab and select students to move.

3. Upload your class lists for the new intake: your new students can quickly be uploaded from a spreadsheet via the Upload Classes button within the Students and Classes tabs.  

4. Manage your Groups: clear it up! Delete any old groups and create new groups by going into the Groups tab.

5. Get your teachers’ details added: use the Upload Teachers button in the Teachers tab to add your teachers so they can access loads of time-saving Teacher Features.

6. Got Home Access? Print login details for your new students! Just use the Print option in the Students tab – login details for Home Access will be the same as those used within school.

We know how important it is to be ready for the new school year. If you’ve any questions about getting set up on EducationCity, get in touch by calling +44 (0)1572 725 080 or emailing – we’re on hand to help!