Sneak peek – new module ThinkIts coming soon

I’m so excited to be able to share with you the first glimpse of our latest module to add to our portfolio – ThinkIts.

Punchy, fun and thought provoking, ThinkIts answer your calls for a cross-curricular tool to get pupils thinking on their feet fast.

As an open-ended whiteboard resource, ThinkIts can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways. Used as a morning starter or to generate the main stimulus for your lesson, ThinkIts encourage higher order thinking skills in the form of brain teasers, Q&As and puzzles.

Why use ThinkIts?

  • Keeps pupils engaged in learning.They are fun and visually stimulating 
  • Perfect for that ‘unaccountable time’ during the day such as registration time, lesson transitions and those ‘last 5 minutes of the day’
  • Find specific content in an instant, no preparation required
  • Cross curricular materials will enrich pupil’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the wider world
  • Enriched content written by educationalists to match the subject and academic level

You can expect to see more about our new ThinkIts later this month, so stay tuned!