Special Education Webinar with Sir Tom Finney Community High School


“I would absolutely recommend EducationCity. It’s a key resource to supplement the curriculum in school. The biggest issue we have is trying to get the students off it.

Mr Gillies, Head of Key Stage 4 and Computing Lead, Sir Tom Finney Community High School

Sir Tom Finney Community High School has used EducationCity for over 12 years. Their experience of using our product for their special education students is extensive, and we are looking forward to introducing Mr Gillies and his expertise during our webinar next month.

What is the webinar about?

We’ll cover Mr Gillies and his colleagues’ experience of using edtech and making this a success when teaching special needs students. We’ll focus on EducationCity in particular, why they implemented this product, how it has helped their contingency plans and its impact on students with different learning difficulties.

Sir Tom Finney Community High School used EducationCity over 10,000 times during the lockdown from March to July this year (2020). Mr Gillies will discuss why EducationCity was used to support their students during this period and how learning with a platform that students recognised was beneficial.

Mr Gillies will talk about the features they use within EducationCity, the progress tracking tools, and how he navigates the set-up of EducationCity each year. We will also discuss the differentiation features used for varying learning abilities and the benefits of the lesson planning tools with MyCity.

When will it take place?

This webinar is taking place on 19th November at 4 pm. The webinar will last 30 minutes.

How do I register?

You can register on Zoom, which is where the webinar is being hosted.

I use EducationCity every day – what can I learn?

All teachers can benefit from this webinar. You will learn from Mr Gillies’ experiences and how he has been using the product to support the school’s contingency plans and home-learning, which is particularly topical at this moment.

What if I don’t subscribe to EducationCity?

You can hear from a fellow teacher about their experience during the school closures with special education. You can also see how this school is utilising edtech to support them during a challenging time, and how they make learning a success for students with varying ability levels.

This webinar is ideal for those teachers wanting to find out more about EducationCity and how they can use it with special education students. Additionally, it is suitable for those teachers who would like insight from another teacher’s perspective into using edtech with differing learning abilities.