Sports Day Inspiration

If you’re planning your Sports Day, we have some of our favourite event picks that we just can’t wait to share with you that you may not have thought of!

Egg and Spoon Race

An ultimate classic is the egg and spoon race. This game is perfect for keeping children entertained and is so much fun! If you’re not using eggs, try a different alternative, such as a small water balloon or a Kinder Surprise (a perfect little treat for the children too!).

Three-Legged Race

We love a good race and what better way to make it more challenging than to have the children racing together with one of their legs tied to the other child’s.

Sack Race

A good sack race can be great fun for children and Sports Day brings a brilliant chance for students to give this a go! Watch your students jump their way to victory!

Bean Bag Throw

For this activity, you could use hula-hoops or buckets and lay them out as you wish. Mark each one with a score, e.g., a score of 50 could be given to the child who throws their bean bag in the furthest hoop, so the further the hoop, the higher the score. This activity is one we’re sure your students wouldn’t want to miss!

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