Sports Day Logic Puzzle – The Answer!

Hey there buddies,

How did you get on with last week’s puzzle?

For all of you that didn’t quite get there, here’s the completed answer grid! 

Grid complete with answers from last week's logic puzzle

How did we get there? Well …

Stig didn’t take a family photo for luck (clue 4) so wasn’t wearing green (clue 7), Sten was wearing red (clue 1) and Manu wore yellow (clue 5), hence Stig wore blue, leaving Klara to wear green and take the family photo (clue 7).

As Klara took the family photo, she didn’t come 3rd (clue 3), and Sten came first (clue 1), which means that Klara must have come 2nd in order to beat the runner that took his/her lucky socks (clue 6).

We now know Sten won and Klara was 2nd, therefore Stig must have come 3rd in order to beat the runner in yellow (clue 4), leaving Manu in last place.

As Klara came second and she beat the runner with the lucky socks (clue 6), the runner with the lucky socks must have come 4th (therefore Manu) as the runner who took a four-leafed clover came 3rd (clue 3).

Stig (who is 3rd) took a four-leafed clover (clue 3), leaving Sten taking his teddy for luck.