Spotlight on… Curriculum Map

What’s the Curriculum Map?

The Curriculum Map helps you find content on EducationCity that’s relevant to a curriculum area you’re teaching. It’s really easy to use – all you need to do is filter down the strands to the objective and you’ll find all of the EducationCity content that sits underneath it.

Tips for using the Curriculum Map…

  • Option to Export: within the Curriculum Map, there’s a really handy feature which lets you export the whole map and helps you easily integrate it into your lesson planning – super cool!
  • Add Content to a MyCity: by clicking on the ‘+’ to the right of a content item, you can add that piece of content to a MyCity – this makes it easy to plan targeted content into your lessons.
  •  Refined Search: you can also use the filters at the side to help you refine your search. This is great for when you’re looking for specific content that has a certain objective.

Take a look at our Curriculum Map snippet for more inspiration!

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