Spotlight on… English

Today, we’re focusing on the benefits of EducationCity’s English content for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and how it can be used to make sure children are ‘test-ready’. Read on to find out more about the fantastic English module.

How Will EducationCity’s English Content Benefit Me?

  • Curriculum-mapped content: our content is mapped to the curriculum, making it easier for teachers to find content linked to important, specific learning objectives.
  • Engaging resources: content is engaging for students to learn with but also enjoyable and fun for children.
  • Flexible teaching and learning: can be used on a range of different devices, e.g., whiteboard, laptops or mobile devices, depending on your teaching needs.
  • Created with our Education Team: our content’s been created with a wealth of experience in teaching so we can make sure we offer relevant and valuable resources for teachers.

Where can I find the English content on EducationCity to help with my teaching?

Log in now and just click on the English module on the homepage – simple!

Education Team’s Pick: Top Five Activities

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Our Education Team have picked out their favourite pieces of English content to support the teaching of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and make sure students are ‘test ready’. Here’s what they think you should try.


Rapid Rounders – Correctly use full stops and capitalise names and first letters in sentences.

  • England: Year 1
  • Scotland: First*
  • Wales: Year 1
  • N. Ireland: P1

Space Camp – Arrange words to create compound sentences.

  • England: Year 2
  • Scotland: First*
  • Wales: Year 2
  • N. Ireland: P3

Words Win Prizes – spell words with common prefixes.

  • England: Years 3 & 4

Clue’s in the Clause – Identify the main or subordinate clause within a sentence.

  • England: Year 5 & 6
  • Scotland: Second**
  • Wales: Year 6
  • N. Ireland: P7

Phantom Ellipsis – Understand and use punctuation.

  • England: Year 5 & 6
  • Scotland: Second***
  • Wales: Year 7
  • N. Ireland: P7


Log in now to see the English content! Remember, if you’ve any questions about the English module, don’t hesitate to come and see us on stand D360 at Bett 2016!

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