Spotlight on… Science

As part of our Spotlight on… series, today, we’re going to be focussing on Science and the fantastic content we have in EducationCity’s Science module that helps teaching and learning.

Whether it’s exploring science, or developing knowledge and understanding of the world, there’s something for every student and teacher in EducationCity’s Science content.

How will the Science content on EducationCity benefit my teaching?

  • Learn Screens: improving understanding made easy! Inquisitive minds can explore scientific concepts with animated tutorials and their in-depth graphical explanations.
  • Variety of learning: the many content types and ways to learn means that you can explore science with your students in various ways, perfect for flexible learning.
  • Curriculum-mapped: loads of engaging KS1 and KS2 science content that provide an exciting way to learn and explore scientific topics, whilst answering to those all-important curriculum objectives.
  • Tests: we’ve recently developed new Science Tests to help you with meeting National Curriculum objectives, they’re great for summative assessment!

Where can I find EducationCity’s Science module?

It’s simple to access the Science content – just log in and click on the Science module icon on the homepage.

Producer’s Pick: Top Five Science Activities

Our Lead Producer, Dan, is great with science! Here are his recommended top five science Activities for you to try:

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NEW! Circle of Life – Compare life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds.

  • England: Year 5
  • Scotland: Second*
  • Wales: Year 5
  • N. Ireland: P6

NEW! Will it Bend? – Decide whether an object has been squashed, bent, twisted or stretched, and then which object is easier to do these actions to.

  • England: Year 2
  • Scotland: First*
  • Wales: Year 2
  • N. Ireland: P3

Growing, Growing, Gone – Students observe and describe the lifecycle of a bulb, looking at different stages of its growth.

  • England: Year 2
  • Scotland: First*
  • Wales: Year 2
  • N. Ireland: P3

Mane Course – Identifying animals and grouping them according to what type of animal they are and what they eat.

  • England: Year 1
  • Scotland: Early***
  • Wales: Year 1
  • N. Ireland: P2

Solar Stroller – Identify the position of the planets and Pluto within the Solar System.

  • England: Year 5
  • Scotland: Second***
  • Wales: Year 7
  • N. Ireland: P7

Please note: all Activities come with accompanying peripheral such as Activity Sheets and Lesson Ideas.

Log in now to check out the Science module, click here.