Spotlight On… Tests and MyRevision

Today, we’ll be focusing on Tests and MyRevision and how they can support you with the upcoming 2016 SATs.


We know it’s important for schools to monitor progress, particularly with the upcoming SATs, as it helps teachers to improve students’ understanding. That’s why we’ve a fantastic range of Tests available in the Mathematics and Science modules.

What’s great about the Tests?

  • Questions written by our Education Team: real teachers providing the best content to help assess your students’ learning.
  • Questions test students on curriculum objectives: each question is designed to assess students’ knowledge on a specific objective.
  • Helps with preparation: prepares your students for their upcoming SATs.


MyRevision is also great for the upcoming SATs! When students score less than 100% on a Test, to help improve their understanding, a MyRevision Journal is generated. This pulls together a range of curriculum-mapped Learn Screens and Activities based on a student’s Test score.

What’s great about MyRevision Journals?

  • Personalised learning: it pulls content together which is personalised to your students’ needs and weaknesses – perfect for that pre-test prep!
  • Improves progress: as it pulls together content based on weaknesses, it aims to improve understanding – this is great for reinforcing knowledge taught in the classroom before the assessment.

Want to find out more ways in which we can help you prepare your students for the upcoming SATs? Check out our Maths and English revision timetables.

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