Spotlight on the new National Curriculum for Science

The new National Curriculum brings with it new challenges for both schools and the educational supplier industry. As Lead Science Producer for EducationCity I feel this will give us the opportunity to focus on areas that have been given more emphasis in the new document.

The greater focus on Working Scientifically now sees pupils identifying, classifying, conducting fair tests, recording and analysing data and drawing conclusions throughout all levels. This brings some interesting development prospects which we fully intend utilising. In the later part of the year we will be working hard to create a new form of activity that will permit pupils to demonstrate and perform the key elements of the Working Scientifically topic. Our target objective is to create an environment that’s intuitive for pupils to use and also supplies teachers with invaluable information on pupils’ performance. 

The new content we aim to deliver will ensure pupils are equipped with the scientific knowledge and understanding that’s both meaningful and relevant. We plan to achieve this with a host of fresh content that uses concepts and topics that previously had little or no coverage.

The new National Curriculum aims to get pupils talking more by promoting discussion and questioning concepts. We plan to provide a wealth of new content such as Learn Screens, which will provide the key vocabulary pupils need to engage in stimulating discussion. This will aid pupils in articulating scientific concepts and terminology with greater confidence and help lay sound learning foundations.

Overall our plans for the future are to provide the tools that can help pupils gain a strong knowledge and understanding of the fundamental elements in science, so they can sufficiently transition into the next levels of learning.

James Bowen – Lead Producer – Science