Spotlight On… Topic Tools

Whether or not you’ve used our Topic Tools before, we wanted to share how these interactive lesson aids can be customised to suit your lessons and your students.

What are Topic Tools?

Topic Tools are flexible teacher-led tools used to introduce or explore a topic. They’re ideal for whole class learning on a whiteboard or as reinforcement for groups and individuals.

In the Classroom…

Let’s take a look at how you can use Topic Tools in your classroom.

  • Customise them to your lessons: some allow you to add your own data so you can make them relevant to your lesson.
  • Add text: others allow you to add your own text – great if you’re looking at a specific extract.
  • Can be pre-set: great for lesson planning, you can save your Topic Tool data or text to use another time.

For You to Try…

Take a look at the Topic Tool recommendations from other teachers below and try them out!

  • Charts Topic Tool: add your own data and choose from the charts available (bar charts, line graphs, etc.) – it’ll save you time when preparing for lessons involving statistics.
  • Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool: let EducationCity do the hard work and use this tool to prepare for the Phonics Screening Check; to find out more, click here.
  • Pictogram Topic Tool: interpret data or create your own pictogram – you could even use it for other things like the ‘How do you feel?’ theme for PSHE.

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