Spotlight On… Topic Tools

Whether you’re already familiar with our fantastic Topic Tools or not, we wanted to share how these interactive lesson aids can be customised to suit your lessons and your students.

What are Topic Tools?

Topic Tools are flexible teacher-led tools used to introduce or explore a topic. They’re ideal for whole-class learning on a whiteboard or as reinforcement for groups and individuals.

How to Use Topic Tools in the Classroom

  • Customise them to your lessons: some Topic Tools let you add your own data to them which means you can tailor them to the needs of your lesson.
  • Add in your own text: if you want to, you can add in your own text.
  • Pre-set them: they’re great for lesson planning – you can save your Topic Tool data or text to use at another time in a future lesson.

Topic Tools for You to Try…

We’ve asked some teachers to tell us their favourite Topic Tools! Here’s what they recommend:

  • Pictogram Topic Tool: with this, you can interpret your own data to create a pictogram – you could even use it for things like the ‘How do you feel?’ theme for PSHE.
  • Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool: this tool is great to use all year round – it gives great practice for the Phonics Screening Check – check out our cool Snippet on it here to find out how it can help you.
  • Charts Topic Tool: add your own data and choose from the charts available (bar charts, line graphs, etc.) – it’ll save you time when preparing for lessons involving statistics.

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