Spotlight On… Topical Resources

You may have already heard about (or even used!) our fantastic Topical Resources but have you tried them in your classroom yet?

What are Topical Resources?

Topical Resources are developed for special days, events and celebrations throughout the year. They offer content developed by EducationCity for you to use in your classroom and tie in your lessons with a fun theme!

From Wimbledon and Black History Month to Ada Lovelace Day and Space Day, our Topical Resources cover so many events and have something for everyone to get involved with!

Where Can I Find Topical Resources?

Topical Resources can be found here and in the Teacher Area. Just go to the Teacher Area and choose Topicals and Printables to find them.

How Topical Resources Can Help You in the Classroom…

  • Interesting, topical content: Topical Resources give fantastic cross-curricular content to support the teaching of timely topics in a way that engages your students.
  • Added regularly: they’re added monthly so you can be sure that you can support your lessons with ready-made content on a regular basis.
  • Accessible: most of the content on them can be saved to your computer to use in lessons, or even printed out, making it really handy to access!

Take a look at our Maths Challenge Week Topical Resource! It’s going to be a week full of maths fun!

*To access the EducationCity content mentioned on Topical Resources, you will need to log in to EducationCity. If you haven’t got EducationCity, you can sign up for a free trial here.