Spotlight On… Using PlayLive in Your Classroom

EducationCity's PlayLive is a fantastic resource for teachers to use in the classroom and with the new PlayLive Maths and English upgrade, it's now even better!

What's PlayLive?

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PlayLive makes learning English, Maths, French and Spanish fun, offering a real-time challenge where your students can compete against other players. 

What’s New: PlayLive Maths and English

  • NEW style: The challenges have a new, awesome, sleeker look.
  • Flexible usage: PlayLive Maths and English can now be used on tablet devices!
  • Learn with super cool snails and funky frogs: To keep them engaged, students can now choose their own racer.

For some tips, we’ve been speaking to our Content and Curriculum Team about how you can use PlayLive in the classroom. Here’s what they said:

PlayLive is a great way to support your students’ mastery of those key mental maths and spelling skills, by offering a fun and engaging way for them to practise. Why not…

  • Lesson warm up: start the day with a quick 15-minute whole class session of PlayLive. It's a really fun way to get those minds warmed up.
  • For individual practice: add PlayLive to the end of a Sequenced MyCity to support individual practise and as a fun reward.
  • As a quick starter: use PlayLive as a quick starter activity to help warm up mental maths or spelling skills before a Maths or English session.
  • Highest score table: split the class into teams and create a highest score table.
  • Reward students: log times and scores and reward individual students on their own personal progress.

Go and check it out for yourself and put these tips into practice – PlayLive is fantastic for your teaching and your students’ learning!

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