St. Valentine’s Day Puzzle

Hey there buddies,

With St. Valentine’s Day just around the corner – it’s Monday everyone! – our Gang are preparing cards and presents for the people that are special to them.

Sten, always the clown, has been busy trying to make up jokes for his cards. His best so far is:

What do squirrels give on Valentine’s Day?

Forget me nuts!

Like it? Can you think of a better one? I hope so, because I love jokes! If you can, let us know what it is by replying to THIS blog.

Jokes not your thing? Then maybe this week’s puzzle is! All we want you to do is make as many smaller words as possible out of “Valentine’s Day”. Just tell us the number you can make, along with the words, by replying to THIS blog. The person who can make the most words will get a special mention next week!

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