Stay Safe Online

Hey there buddies,

Did you know it’s Safer Internet Day today? What better day to remind you of our Blog Rules, why we have them and why they are good rules to stick to whenever you are online!

1) Do not use your real name

We’ve given you a special ID for the blog, which you use instead of your real name. This is to protect your identity. Not everyone online is who they say they are. On another blog, you might give out your name, and someone say they know you, but it doesn’t mean they actually do!

2) Do not share your personal information

On the Internet, it’s impossible to know who new people actually are, so it’s important you don’t tell them too much about yourself. You wouldn’t tell a stranger on the street everything about you and your family and you shouldn’t on the Web.

3) Treat other blog users with respect

Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your little sister to read. And, remember, some things we write as a joke can be taken seriously.

4) No swearing, bad behaviour or bullying

This goes with number 3. Feel free to express your opinions and let someone know if you disagree with something they’ve said, but find a nice way to do it!

So, as you can see, our rules are here for a reason and their aim is to keep blogging fun! Every post to our blog is also filtered for inappropriate language and checked by our blog moderators, so we do have extra safeguards in place, but if you want your post to appear as you’ve written it, it’s best to stick to the rules!

Can you think of any other good rules that can help protect you when playing on the Internet (not just EducationCity)?

Send them to THIS blog to share them with other EducationCity buddies and to get a very special mention next week!