Sten sums it up with a new Maths activity in Learn English!

Our Maths whizz kid, Sten, helps students learning Mathematical English in the classroom with the amusing new activity, Circus Sums.

Pupils must help Sten solve mathematical problems in the circus in order to find the ring master who has disappeared! The activity, that sits within the Language of Mathematics strand of Level B Learn English, was launched across the UK yesterday.Circus Sums

Learning outcomes:

  • Students will solve both addition and subtraction word problems using the 3 -tep method of problem solving.
  • Students will identify the relevant mathematical keywords to solve the problems.

In order to play the game, go to: Learn English>Level B> Our Friends Theme>Circus Sums.

The Circus Sums activity also includes a Learn Screen, worksheet and reference sheet in order to assist with the activity.

Let’s hope that Sten finds the ring master with the help of your budding mathematicians!