Sten’s visit to Greyfriars Primary

We’re always looking for new ways to gather feedback and find out just why you love EducationCity so much! We teamed up with Miss Cook from Greyfriars Primary School in Norfolk to find out what it brings to her classroom.

On Monday, Sten took Dan, Laura and Alice over to King’s Lynn. Sten doesn’t go out a lot; he usually gets quite shy and stays at home. However, he was really eager to hang out with class 2C!

Miss Cook did a great job at demonstrating how they use EducationCity day to day.

The students’ first task was to use Pictogram, which is a Maths Topic Tool. Each student came up to the whiteboard and marked down how they were feeling. Many were very excited!

After a couple more whiteboard Activities (including a 10 x table sing along!), the students set off in groups to use EducationCity on their Learn Pads and complete EducationCity Activity Sheets. The speedy finishers got to play their favourite EducationCity Activity! Some of the students favourite activities were: Football Mad, Crazy Golf and Tomb of Doom! The students demonstrated how EducationCity can be tailored to different abilities in the same lesson. It was really great to see the children’s excitement and enthusiasm.

Sten made a guest appearance in the afternoon. The children’s reaction to him was incredible! He said he had never hugged so many people in the space of an hour before! Sten wrapped the day up by posing for some photos with class 2C and Miss Cook.

After Sten and the students had gone home, Dan, one of External Sales Team Managers, held an hour-long teacher training session within the school. 10 teachers attended, some of whom had never used EducationCity before. First of all, the teachers received a detailed update about all of the exciting news, including a sneak peek at V2! Dan then went on to explain how the activities and features can easily be tailored to suit different abilities and all about our Curriculum Map, ready for the new National Curriculum 2014.

All in all, Sten, the EducationCity team, the schools’ teachers and students had a great day. We’ve come away with a good insight into how EducationCity is used at Greyfriars Primary and gathered some valuable information.

Where to next Sten? If you’d like it to be your school, just let us know by replying to THIS blog, tweeting or emailing us at, and you could be in with a chance!