Storytelling Inspiration

This brilliant event started over 24 years ago by the Society for Storytelling, whose mission is to promote the tradition of storytelling and for all ages to enjoy the love of reading.

As we’re talking about stories, we thought we’d share some of our fab English content with you, that you could use as part of your celebrations for National Storytelling Week.

Here we go…



Telling a Story: #13706 – Help Sten to pick an idea from each of the shelves and then make a story.

Making Up a Story: #13692 – Stig has been tidying up.  Can you make a short story out of the interesting items that he has found?


Using Descriptive Words: #13650 – Describe a spooky setting/scene using adjectives.

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Billy and Ed’s Adventure: #27572 – Students listen to a story being read to them and select leading questions as discussion points, to talk about in small groups.


In Character: #12935 – Explore characterisation by thinking about how they look, what they say or do, what they think and how others interact with them.

The Writing Process: #19746 – Describing settings and characters and integrating dialogue.



Twin Tales: #5933 – Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in familiar stories.

Great Outdoors: #12379 – Retell a story using story language, e.g., character, motivation and resolution etc.


Story Time: #1084 – Using descriptive language in the context of a story.

Timeless Tales: #21523 – To read a story and demonstrate understanding by answering questions.

Don’t forget that the BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words Competition is well under way! Take a look at their website for more details on how your school can get involved.

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