Students from Springwell Park Community Primary School Sing the 6x Table!

Students from Springwell Park Community Primary School have made a video of themselves singing along and dancing to EducationCity’s 6x Table Song! They look like they’re having a great time and we’re so glad that the students love it as much as we do!

It’s great news that the students are learning and enjoying the times table songs at the same time. You can check out the video of the students from Springwell Community Park Primary School singing the 6x Table Song by clicking here.

EducationCity’s Times Table Song series already consists of the 2x to the 10x Table Songs and we’ve just added the 11x and 12x Table Song to our series! Click here for more information on this new addition.

Each times table song has an engaging sing-along and dance style, and combines simple lyrics with colourful, character-based animation. This gives teaching times tables an extra dimension by making it more appealing and memorable.

If you’d love your students to dance and sing along to our times table songs as the students from Springwell Park Community Primary School have, why not request a FREE trial to EducationCity? Simply call us on 01572 725080 or email to do this!