Support for Schools on the New Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test

We have recently had a few enquiries from Head Teachers asking if we will be developing any new resources to support schools in preparing for the new Grammar, punctuation and spelling test, sometimes affectionately known by schools as the ‘spag’ tests! Here at, we have looked very carefully at the English grammar, punctuation and spelling test framework and at the sample tests themselves with a view to deciding what we can do to help primary schools prepare for the tests.

How we can help prepare for the 'spag' tests now

We already have a wealth of Activities as part of our product that can help schools, but to enable teachers to find these Activities even more quickly we have decided to ‘tag’ all the appropriate Literacy Activities in our Years 4, 5 and 6  offerings with an extra two keywords to enable an easy search. Teachers will simply be able to use the ‘Search’ function using the words ‘spag’ or ‘gpas’ and all the Activities relating to the key elements of test will be found.

What we're doing to give you more support

In addition we have also decided to develop new Activities to help prepare pupils for the test. These will be produced and will be available to schools by the end of March. We will, of course, keep our subscribers up-to-date with these developments as and when they become ‘live’ on our product.

We will aim to provide, as always, engaging and educationally sound Activities closely mapped to the Literacy Framework with appropriate Lesson Plans, Teacher Notes, Activity Sheets and, of course, Answer Sheets to make the lives of teachers as easy as possible.

Feedback and suggestions

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we could help in other ways to support working towards the new Grammar, punctuation and spelling test, then please don’t hesitate to contact me directly here at

Pat Mainprize, Education Lead


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