Supporting You with Literacy and One-to-One Learning

Anish Vadher, Relationship Manager at EducationCity and experienced qualified teacher, speaks about the ongoing challenge of poor literacy and how EducationCity can help teachers with this.

An ongoing challenge that’s widespread across the UK is poor literacy. Poor literacy creates a gap in a student’s learning early on in their academic life and this widens as they continue through academia (, 2015). This is likely to have a knock-on effect in their later life, not only in employment opportunities, but also in general wider social outcomes (DfE, 2015).

It goes without saying that many teachers have little time to provide one-to-one support to all students who are weaker in literacy to help them, however teachers still strive for success for all their students.

To help them with this, EducationCity is a fantastic resource that allows teachers, TA’s and parents to support a child’s learning via a one-to-one method not just in literacy, but other subjects too. For instance, a teacher could easily plan the work on EducationCity via a MyCity for a TA or parent to go through when supporting a student one-to-one.

Take a look at some of the other ways EducationCity can help (whilst reducing your workload):

  • Activities: they not only engage students in a fun and easy-to-access way with learning, but provide corrections for them to work through and improve individually.
  • SuccessTracker: students’ Activity and Test scores will be saved in SuccessTracker. This means that, as a teacher, you only need to focus on a student’s reports to identify any further support required.
  • Tests & Revision Journals: when a student completes a Test, it will automatically create a personalised Revision Journal based on their Test score, that’s mapped to curriculum objectives, so they can work through their areas of weakness.
  • Learn Screens: they help to break down and explain concepts clearly and concisely to students at their own pace.
  • Home Access: EducationCity can be accessed at home with Home Access – this engages parents with their child’s learning and offers students a learning resource to take home, further supporting one-to-one learning.

To find out about the ways we can support you with one-to-one learning, give us a call on +44 (0)1572 725080 – we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

About the Author

Anish Vadher is an experienced qualified teacher who specialises in science. His current role as Relationship Manager at EducationCity sees him providing support to thousands of schools in the UK via a fantastic educational resource, and helping them deliver effective learning and teaching.


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