Take a Look at EducationCity’s Latest Upgrades!

Well, we’re really excited to tell you all about EducationCity’s latest upgrades!

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Here’s our highlights:

  • PlayLive Maths and English: Great news; PlayLive has had a complete refresh and can now be used on tablet devices! Play with super cool snails and answer arithmetic questions, or, choose a funky frog and put your spelling skills to the test!

(Not only does PlayLive Maths have a fresh, new look, you can also choose to answer questions on individual mathematical operations, those being addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – check it out!)

  • Admin/Teacher View of MyRevision: Admins and Teachers can see just what their students are revising by taking a look at their Revision Journals generated from Test scores via SuccessTracker – great for lesson planning!
  • Avatar Select: Students were given this fun feature last year and now, we’ve given it to Admins and Teachers too – go and choose your avatar to personalise your account.

Look out for some upcoming blogs focusing on our fantastic new PlayLive Maths and English challenges.

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