Tales of our travels…

A lucky member of the EducationCity.com training team – Jessica – went on an adventure travelling to the far away seas of China.

Jessica spent a week in Beijing training staff there on the use of EducationCity.com.

It goes without saying that Jessica gave staff her usual exemplary training of the product. She also taught two example EFL (English as a Foreign Language) lessons where the staff had the opportunity to observe and join in. It was an interesting session and a great chance to discuss the pros and cons of the lessons and how suitable they would be for a Chinese classroom. 

To top off the trip, Jessica was asked to teach a class of five year olds. In true EducationCity.com style she had lots of fun singing ‘Old MacDonald’ with the children, teaching animal names and sounds using the MFL flash card tool.

Of course, no trip is complete without experiencing some of the local culture so we asked Jessica to share her experiences with us….

sea food dinner Most interesting/unusual food: I loved the hot pot dinner I was taken out for – apparently it’s a speciality of the Southern provinces. You get a small gas stove and a soup base, plus assorted things you’d like to cook in it. You cook and eat these delicious morsels at your table. Yum!

Interesting places: Time didn’t allow for much sight-seeing, but I did make a flying visit to the Bird’s Nest Stadium that hosted the 2008 Olympic Games. Architecturally it was very interesting.

Most interesting/unusual thing you saw: The main thing I noticed was how much Beijing had changed since I was there last in 2005. Of course the infrastructure has improved and new buildings spring up seemingly overnight and I noticed quite a few differences in general society.

birds nest stadium in chinaAny other experiences you would like to share: I had a great time and would like to thank all the staff who looked after me and not only spent a week doing fairly intensive training, but also went out of their way to answer my millions of questions about China!

Do you have any stories to tell of your summer escapades? Be it near or far, we would love to here them!