Teacher Resource Pack Update: Fantastic New Additions!

We’ve got some great news – we’ve just added a whole bunch of fab new resources to the Teacher Resource Pack!

What’s the Teacher Resource Pack?

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The Teacher Resource Pack is EducationCity’s brilliant, FREE-to-use collection of classroom resources. Created by teachers for teachers, it offers a range of cross-curricular materials to give schools some helpful support in their teaching and learning.

It’s really flexible too! The resources can be easily printed out in colour or greyscale and can be used on a whiteboard, as cut-and-stick items to go in a student’s work book, or photocopied and distributed freely.

Want to find out a bit more about the Teacher Resource Pack? Then just click here. Feel like you know enough? Then read on to find out about the great new additions…

Fresh additions to the Angles, General and Number sections, as well as completely NEW Money, Science and Writing sections are among the many fantastic updates to support your teaching in the classroom, and maximise your students’ learning.

Click on the drop downs below to get a good look at exactly what we’ve added.


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  • Angles 2 – Angles (images and descriptions of the different types of angles)


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  • Binary – 1 to 20 (flash cards showing binary to digits)


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  • General 3 – Birthday List
  • General 4 – KWL Chart

Grids and Graphs

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  • Grids and Graphs 5 – Blank 10×10
  • Grids and Graphs 6 – Blank 20×20


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  • Money 1 – Pounds
  • Money 2 – Euros
  • Money 3 – Dollars


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  • Number 3 – Addition Pyramid
  • Number 4 – Roman Numerals (flash cards showing a range of roman numerals to digits)


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  • Reading 1 – Guided Reading Template
  • Reading 2 – Predict, Clarify, Ask Questions and Summarise


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  • Science 1 – Investigation Template


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  • Writing 3 – Writing Frame
  • Writing 4 – Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
  • Writing 5 – Cartoon Strip Template
  • Writing 6 – Character Comparisons
  • Writing 7 – Definition Template
  • Writing 8 – Imagery Chart (deals with see, hear, smell, touch and taste)
  • Writing 9 – Letter Formation
  • Writing 10 – Number Formation
  • Writing 11 – Mnemonic Template
  • Writing 12 – Newspaper Report Template
  • Writing 13 – Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
  • Writing 14 – Parts of Speech Flashcards
  • Writing 15 – Punctuation Flash Cards
  • Writing 16 – Synonyms Template
  • Writing 17 – Antonyms Template

All the new additions are ready for you to get hold of in the Teacher Resource Pack! Just click HERE to take advantage of them now!

If you’ve got any questions about any of the resources in the Teacher Resource Pack or if you have any suggestions on how we could make it better, we’d love to hear from you; just call +44 (0)1572 725080 or email teacherpack@educationcity.com.