Teacher Time-Saver: MyCity

With the often busy schedule a school day brings, teachers can be pretty tight on time. That's why we wanted to let you know all the ways in which EducationCity can help lighten teachers' workloads.

We've already touched on this here but today, let's focus on how MyCities can be fantastic teacher time-savers.

What's a MyCity?

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A MyCity is an area perfect for targeted learning where you can quickly group content for whole classes, groups or individual students. You can plan work for in the classroom and at home.

Here are three MyCity applications that will help you discover new ways to use EducationCity and which will be great for saving you time.

Readily Available Educational Resources

Instead of spending time printing lots of worksheets for lessons, in a few clicks, MyCities let you build a week's worth of learning for your class – all the resources are there for you and the variety of content means you can answer to different learning styles.

Lesson Organisation

Any number of resources on EducationCity can be put in a MyCity too – to organise your lessons and suit the lesson structure.

Every MyCity is stored online so there's also no chasing down that lesson plan you used last year – MyCities can be reused again and again!

Home Reinforcement

They offer quick ways to set homework (students can log in on their tablets via the Puffin Academy browser too) and by setting different MyCities, differentiated learning can easily continue away from the classroom.

What's more, instead of having piles of marking to do, the Tracking tab marks work for you! At a glance, you can see who's started their homework, who's finished and even students' scores to date.

MyCities are just one of many ways you can save time on EducationCity! To find out more about our time-saving features, just call +44 (0)1572 725080.