Teacher Time-Saver

Have you heard about all the ways in which EducationCity helps teachers save time? Well, we’re about to take you through some of these ways – it’s time to show you our time-savers for teachers!


Lets you quickly group content for your students to complete in the classroom or at home; perfect for targeted learning.

Why Is MyCity a Teacher Time-Saver?

  • Find content at your fingertips and group it together: to give to students.
  • MyCities can be used each year: name them as something you can use again – saves you time lesson-planning!
  • You can copy them to your colleagues: saves your teachers’ time planning.


Lets you monitor students’ progress by automatically recording Activity and Test scores.

Why Is SuccessTracker a Teacher Time-Saver?

  • View students’ scores: helps with staff meetings and parent evenings – great for when there are different sets too!
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses quickly: to help with future lesson planning.

Home Access

Lets students access EducationCity out of school.

Why Is Home Access a Teacher Time-Saver?

  • Gives students resources for over the holidays: to combat summer learning loss.
  • Automatically marks homework: Activities, Tests or even work set in a Homework MyCity will be automatically marked, saving you time!

Look out for our blogs on how we can help you save time in the classroom – we’ve more teacher time-savers to tell you all about!

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