Teacher’s Tips: Ms Spelman’s Tips for Using EducationCity

When it comes to teaching, we know that the best advice comes from teachers themselves.

That’s why we’ve been in touch with Ms Spelman, Assistant Principal and Special Education Needs Teacher from St Mary’s Boys’, a primary school catering for students from four to twelve years of age, in Dublin, Ireland, to get the lowdown on her top tips for using EducationCity.

Ms Spelman’s Top Tips!

1. Book an EducationCity tutorial: Ms Spelman says that having training on EducationCity at her school has been vital to show the different areas that staff may not be aware of.

In fact, staff always have training at the start of the year as a handy refresher and to ensure everyone knows the tools they have available.

2. Let parents know: if your school has Home Access, then it’s great to let parents know about EducationCity so they can help with their children’s learning outside of the classroom.

Ms Spelman’s school holds class meetings with parents at the beginning of the school year and sends out a letter to tell them about it. (We’ve a great ready-made letter to send to parents; click here for the PDF version and here for the Word version.)

3. Independent learning with Learn Screens: this self-directed content is great for setting as Homework when students are struggling on a particular topic, and for revision for tests. Ms Spelman says: “It’s like having a team of experts on call!”

Great tips, Ms Spelman – thanks!

If you’re a teacher and you know some great tips for using EducationCity like Ms Spelman, get in touch with Lindsay on +44 (0)1572 725080 – we want to hear from you!