Teaching about Internet Safety

However, the internet is also very diverse and children need to be aware of the dangers it may present.

That’s why we want to help you promote online safety to your students and tell you a little more about the super cool content we have within our Computing module.  

Fact Sheets and Posters

Explore our early, middle and older years Fact Sheets and use them in your classroom to help get the all-important ‘internet safety’ message across.

Early Years – Fact Sheet (PDF Document) 

Middle Years – Fact Sheet (PDF Document)

Older Years – Fact Sheet (PDF Document)

To download the document, right-click and Save link as…

Let’s move onto a few of our suggested KS1 and KS2 Computing Online Safety Learn Screens and Activities – you can use Search to find these on EducationCity.

Learn Screens

Sharing Online: Developing an awareness of how to communicate safely online.

  • England: Years 1-6
  • Scotland: First*-Second**
  • Wales: Years 1-6
  • N. Ireland: P2-P7

Cyberbullying: How to respond to cyberbullying.

  • England: Years 1-6
  • Scotland: First*- Second**
  • Wales: Years 1- 6
  • N. Ireland: P2-P7


Safe Surfing: Answer questions about staying safe online.

  •  England: Years 1 and 2
  • Scotland: First*
  •  Wales: Years 1 and 2
  •  N. Ireland: P2 and P3

Consequences: When things go wrong: The consequences of inappropriate online behaviour.

  •  England: Years 3 and 4
  • Scotland: First** and First***
  • Wales: Years 3 and 4
  •  N. Ireland: P4 and P5

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