Teaching Internet Safety in the Classroom

The internet is also very diverse and children need to be aware of the dangers it may present.

We want to help you promote online safety to your students and tell you a little more about the super cool KS1 and KS2 content we have on internet safety within the Computing module.

Simply find the content by typing their ID numbers into the Search tool – perfect!



Sharing Photos: #14198 – Chip is going to post some of his party pictures so that his online friends can see them. Is this a good idea?

Online Passwords: #14193 – One of Granny’s online friends is offering to do her online shopping while she goes out. Should Granny share her password?


Friends: #20021 – Meg and Chip are discussing the differences between real-life and online friends. Can you think of any advantages to each?

Learn Screens


Cyberbullying: #13434 – How to respond to cyberbullying.


Communication: #13432 – Consider ways of communicating both in the real and digital world.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen!: #20411 – Understand how to communicate online for a school project.

Sharing Online: #13433 – Developing an awareness of how to communicate safely online.



Safe Surfing: #13620 – Answer questions about staying safe online.


Consequences: #19725 – The consequences of inappropriate online behaviour.

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