Teaching Shapes with EducationCity

To help you with this topic, we wanted to take you through a few pieces of maths content on EducationCity, which we think will help your students practise drawing shapes and grasp the features of different shapes.

Topic Tools


Sorting Shapes: #2179 –Sort 2D shapes according to whether they have 4 sides or not.

Symmetry: #2062 – Reflect square shapes in a vertical mirror line.


Volume & Surface Area: #2059 – Calculate the volume and surface area of cubes and cuboids.

Learn ScreensShapes Activity


Spotlight on Shapes: #13319 – Identifying and describing the properties of 2D shapes.


Angles for Angles: #22321 – Learn that an angle is the amount that something turns. Recognise that a right angle is a quarter turn and begin to identify the size of angles, including right angles in shapes.

Bar-B-Shapes: #12602 – A tutorial on finding the missing angle in a triangle.



Shape Spin: #1738 – Recognise some 2D shapes.

Snip Shape: #1823 – Use common 2D shapes to create other 2D shapes, such as triangles and rectangles.

KS2Let's Sketch Student Tool

High Rise: #870 – Calculate the perimeter of a shape.

There’s also a Student Tool in KS1 called Let’s Sketch, which enables students to draw and build shapes using various tools – perfect for helping students understand the basics of shapes!

Let’s Sketch: #12354 – Draw and build shapes using the art tools, letter stamps, stickers and animations.

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