Teaching the Alphabet

That’s exactly why we’ve listed a few pieces of content for EYFS learners below that helps with understanding the alphabet. To find them, just put their ID numbers into Search.

Alphabet Sing-along

Located in the English module, this video is ideal for introducing students to the alphabet and letters, and offers a fun song to sing along to. You can easily pop it up on your whiteboard for your students to sing altogether as a class.

Don’t forget! Your students can also use the linked Activity Sheet called ‘ABC Sing-Along’, to reinforce alphabet learning and have their own copy of the song to learn with.

ABC Sing-along: #26089 – A modern alphabet sing-along.











ABC… Song

EducationCity also has a super fun alphabet song which focuses on the lower case letters called ‘ABC…’ to reinforce your students’ recognition of these letters.

Remember! This song also comes with a linked Activity and Activity Sheet called ‘ABC…’ which your students can use to see lower case letters.

ABC…: #26115 – The original alphabet sing-along and nursery rhyme.

ABC... English Song











Alphabet Topic Tool

There’s also the Alphabet Topic Tool which is fantastic for covering certain letters and going over exactly what they sound like – perfect for exploring the alphabet! It could be used on the whiteboard as a class or in groups on a laptop if a certain set of students is struggling on a sound or letter.

Alphabet Topic Tool: #2177 – Explore the letters of the alphabet.

Alphabet English Topic Tool











Enjoy your alphabet teaching and learning!