The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities

So, if you’re planning ahead for next term and want to try and get your students involved in some additional sport, music or even drama to help with their personal development, then take a read below, where we go over the benefits in a little more detail.

Let’s explore a few…

Provide a Productive Break

Weekly activities can offer a break from the classroom and homework, and depending on your students’ interests, they may provide the chance to get them outside and exercise, pursue a hobby or even just refresh their mind. These activities also help limit the time students may be spending in front of a computer screen at school.

Help Build Skills Outside of the Classroom

In addition to building skills, extra-curricular activities are great for developing general academic and soft skills, e.g., sport for teamwork or a reading club for vocabulary expansion and improved focus and concentration.

Balancing a number of commitments can help to improve students’ time management skills, while finding an area they enjoy or excel at can boost self-confidence.

New Interests/Social Opportunities

Extra-curricular activities allow students to explore an interest in more depth and encourage students to get to know others.

Being part of a team provides a sense of belonging, with extra-curricular activities offering an opportunity for students to interact with others with similar interests and potentially build friendships outside of their usual circle.

We’d love to hear your thoughts too, so if your students already take part in any extra-curricular activities, then please do get in touch with us at @EducationCity!