The Content & Curriculum Team’s Volunteer and Team Building Day at Oakham Castle

We’re super pleased to be able to share how one very successful day went at Oakham Castle…

On Wednesday 16th May, members of the Content & Curriculum Team and Art Department went over to Oakham Castle for their annual team building and volunteer day to help the team there and get involved in some medieval-themed activities.  Volunteer Day

The day in progress…

During the morning, the team split into small groups of 2-3 and worked on building willow hurdles so that the team at the castle could use these to section off areas of the grounds during various events throughout the year. Many new skills were learnt during this process, including how to use a billhook safely and how to weave the willow in order to create a sturdy structure – fantastic!

After a morning of hard work in the fresh air and a delicious buffet lunch provided by the castle, the teams split up again to work on assembling a couple of trebuchets. They were then shown how to use them correctly and got to compete against each other to see who could launch their projectile accurately so that it would land in the target area.

The day finished with some longbow archery where John, the instructor, gave some great tips and praised the teams abilities at archery which seemed to come quite naturally for the whole team, where there were a few bullseye shots and one team member even split a grape in half (completely on purpose of course!)Volunteer Day


We’d like to give a huge thank you to Jane, Charlotte, John and the rest of the team at Oakham Castle for accommodating us and putting together such a well-organised and enjoyable day for the team at EducationCity. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and can’t wait to go back again soon!