The Ice Cream Challenge

Hi there!

Stig, Klara, Sten and Granny are enjoying the lovely summertime weather outside at the park today. As the weather is so lovely, Klara, Sten and Granny have decided to enjoy it even more by treating themselves to an ice cream each! Stig has offered to go and get them and he is at the ice cream van right now waiting to purchase them!

Stig has £5.00.

He needs to buy a strawberry ice cream for Klara, a mint chocolate chip one for Sten and a vanilla one for Granny.

Granny also wants chocolate chips on hers and Klara wants strawberry sauce.

Has he got enough money?

The first person to reply with the correct answer will get a special mention next week!

Worked it out? Then why not give us the answer to this tricky problem too? Stig went back for an ice cream for himself later and spent £1.84 on one ice cream and one extra. What type of ice cream and what type of extra did he have?