The Loves of Teaching

Sometimes, yes, it can get a little hectic, but it’s also easy to remember just why you chose to teach.

Teaching lets you continually learn, keeps you having fun, allows you to be creative and work with a whole variety of people – so there’s definitely something new going on all the time!

We’ve put together a few reasons why teaching is so rewarding. Most importantly, we want teachers to just know that they’re simply amazing!

1. Ability to make a difference

One common reason people love to teach is because teaching makes a huge difference. Although other professions can make a positive impact on others’ lives, teaching also actively does this, but helps create a better society of people on top of that too.

Teachers can inspire students to become something they didn’t think they could be, guide and help their students personally, help them make the decisions they need to make and be an important influence, even when they are not teaching. So they’re pretty amazing, really.

2. New experiences happen every day

When you’re in teaching, each day brings completely new experiences, whether they’re challenges or triumphs. Your days might involve different lesson plans or even a school trip, but they could also include planning the school disco, sports days and attending meetings. Whatever you do, there’s always something new to get involved with!

3. Continually learning and always developing

New lesson content, changes, strategies, ideas… with teaching, you never stop learning. Whether you learn new content in a syllabus or network and talk with other teachers, or even teach alongside them, teaching means you never stop progressing and developing yourself, as well as learning how to teach concepts best to students.

4. You can be creative

With teaching, you can also express yourself, not to mention have some creative fun with helping your students with their learning. You can be a little silly at times too! But your classroom is your own area and a place where you can let your personality shine through, whether that’s in your classroom displays or teaching methods themselves. Not many jobs let you do this!

5. Simple as… you’re an inspiration!

An underlying feature of teaching is that it has the power to inspire. Not only do you inspire students academically, but personally as well. We’re sure that everyone remembers a favourite teacher they had when they were younger that made a difference to their lives. With teaching, you can touch the lives of your students and provide them with lots of memories and inspiration.

Do you have any top reasons why you love teaching? Share them with us by tweeting to us @EducationCity – we’d love to hear your thoughts!