The NEW Add to MyCity Feature with Content Select

You can already add resources on EducationCity to a MyCity from Search, the Curriculum Map and SuccessTracker, but now you can add it from Content Select too!

The image below shows the new feature in action. When you click through to a resource from Content Select, you’ll just need to press + Add to MyCity to open up the list of content types. You can then add any of the resources to a MyCity – simple!

Add to MyCity Feature














How Does This Help Me?

  • Makes Lesson Planning Even Easier: With the new feature, lesson planning is even easier because you can simply add resources from Content Select to a MyCity.
  • More Options to Add Linked Content to a MyCity: It lets you add linked resources such as Teacher Notes and Activity Sheets to a MyCity too, making EducationCity even more flexible and easier for you.
  • No Need to Remember Resources for Your MyCities: If you find a resource you’d like to add to a MyCity in Content Select, you don’t have to remember it now to add it to a MyCity – you can add it directly from there – perfect!


Want to take a look at the new + Add to MyCity feature? Log in to EducationCity, or if your school doesn’t subscribe, request a free trial and take a look!