The New School Year Starts Here!

Welcome back to all our schools – we hope you had a fantastic break! The new school year has finally arrived, and we know that you’re probably hard at work with classroom set-up and lesson planning.

That’s why we’ve put together this very handy Back to School Pack to help you and your students celebrate going back to school, and to give you some cool resources that you can use to get straight into the swing of a busy school day.

Our Back to School Pack features lots of things to start you off. From a Student Profile Worksheet to amazing certificates to reward your students, we’ve all you need to get the school year going! Take a look…


Get to Know Your New Class

Want to find out a bit more about your new class? Well, we’ve the ultimate aid – check out this Student Profile Worksheet.

Student Profile Worksheet (PDF Download)

Student Profile Worksheet – Nursery (PDF Download)


Who’s Who?

Struggling to remember names? Or need to learn new names? Well, with our name labels, you’ll remember them in no time. They're designed to go on a 99.1 x 38.1 mm size sticky label sheet. Take a look…

Name Labels (PDF Download)

Please note: These labels are editable so you can personalise them yourself.


Super Stickers for Super Students

Reward your students for good work or behaviour with these funky stickers. There’s a fantastic selection to choose from and we’ve made them to fit on 45mm sticker paper.

Stickers (PDF Download)


Reward Students with Fun Certificates

For things like good behaviour and excellent work, a certificate is the perfect way to reward a student. What’s more, we’ve got a whole range of editable certificates for you to personalise…

Amazing Attendance (PDF Download)

Fantastic Homework (PDF Download)

Great Work (PDF Download)

Lovely Listener! (PDF Download)

Super Speller! (PDF Download)

Well Done! (PDF Download)

Please note: These certificates are editable so you can personalise them yourself.


Set Essential Classroom Rules

Use the Classroom Rules sheet to set some specific instructions for your class to follow throughout the year. Cut out, fill in and stick on six rules decided by you and your class.

Classroom Rules Sheet (PDF Download)

Six Rules Sheet (PDF Download)

Please note: The rules are editable so you can personalise them yourself.


Ready-Made Worksheets

Find out where Sten and Kara went on their summer holiday by using either the colouring-by-numbers or colouring-by-letters worksheets. Find the even numbers or the vowels to work it out! Can you find out where they went?

Maths Colouring Worksheet (PDF Download)

English Colouring Worksheet (PDF Download)


Say Hello to the EducationCity Characters…

Be sure to get your students familiar with EducationCity’s characters when they return to school! We’ve got some great character profiles on them all.

Character Profiles (PDF Download)


We hope you enjoy your Back to School Pack 2016!

Please note: For the editable resources, you may need to save/download them to your computer to edit them yourself and have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed. If you want your edits to be locked in, please follow the instructions below to ensure your changes are locked in: WINDOWS: Right-click on the file, select 'Preferences', then click on the 'Read Only' option button. APPLE MAC: Right-click on the file, select 'Get Info', then click on the 'Locked' option button.