The Next Steps for Data with Assessment Report

Let’s take a sneak preview into how you can use this analysis to maximise student achievement. Click on the button below to download your first look into what assessment data will look like in EducationCity!

Here’s some of the benefits of the Assessment Report in more detail…

Analysing Individuals’ Knowledge Gaps

Identifying knowledge gaps not only helps with attainment but improves students’ overall performance.

Produced from teacher feedback and opinions, the new data visualisation enables you to see questions the student answered, from which you can gauge if any misconceptions exist, and if they do, follow them up with the student concerned. This not only helps you see which areas students need to improve in, but also reinforces learning, giving students the encouragement and confidence, they need to master the whole objective in the topic.

Managing Different Student Abilities

No student learns in the same way, so it’s important to differentiate instruction to suit each student’s learning ability and style.

With the ability to view every student’s result against the objective of the subject you are teaching, it means that it’s easier to group students based on their assessment results and misconceptions. For example, if ‘Jenny’ has struggled with an area on place value in the assessment and passed with flying colours in solving number problems, but ‘Ben’ passed place value, and struggled with solving the number problems objective, you might want to pair these students together so they can help one another; this is also extremely useful for when you’re grouping students for intervention!

Celebrating Success

Recognising students’ achievements can be a big confidence boost and not only helps with their self-esteem, but also motivates them to want to see positive results.

If a student gets above the score you’ve set that they should achieve on an assessment within Preferences, they will see the option to print their certificate themselves. If they don’t, that’s not a problem! You’ll still be able to print them one in SuccessTracker for their fantastic effort.

What’s more, a Revision Journal will be automatically generated after the assessment, which will be easily accessible from this same page.

What’s to Come?

We’re looking ahead to the future and want to share our evolving vision with you…

Teacher-Generated Assessments

This is a feature we can’t wait for! We understand how valuable it will be for you to be able to build and create your own assessments. Whether you want to set certain questions based on a particular topic that a group of students are struggling with, or you want to measure how well your whole class has understood the most recent topic you’ve taught, this new functionality will really help you out. We can’t wait to share more of the benefits!

Foundational Revision Journals

Another thing that’s coming is Learn Screens and Activities linked to Foundational Skills, enabling students to access revision pathways from earlier academic years. This will ensure they have the foundations to build upon from their very first steps in their learning journey.

Keep an eye on our assessment page here, which will be updated with the latest information as we have it.

We’re really excited to see the impact this new functionality will have and look forward to hearing how it’s helped you take personalised learning to the next level in your classroom.

That’s all for now. There’s plenty more to come, so keep your eyes peeled!