The Phoenix Children’s Foundation Volunteer Day

About the Phoenix Children’s Foundation

The Phoenix Children’s Foundation was established in 2006 with the sole aim of enriching and enhancing the lives of youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity.

The charity is solely reliant on the generosity of organisations, businesses and individuals to fund their crucial work, and the dedication of volunteers and trustees to run the charity on a daily basis.

The charity owns a range of small animals, from donkeys and goats, to Shetland ponies and reindeer, which they take to events to meet the children.

How We Helped…

Despite a drizzly start to the day, the team were energised and excited to take on the variety of tasks they had to complete.

Some of these tasks involved moving reindeer food up a ladder onto a mezzanine level in the barn (of course, there was one who couldn’t get back down… Tom), washing and cleaning the Shetland ponies and then walking them around the village.

The team also cleaned out the horses and reindeer stables and then fed them, cleaned out the brook, raked out the weeds and did general ground maintenance, chopped back the hedges by the entrance to the yard and painted fences around the perimeter of the paddock – everyone was kept super busy!

At the charity, everyone was able to meet some of the regular service users and engage them in the tasks they were completing, which made a brilliant opportunity to learn more about the work carried out by the charity.

Overall, the team had a great day helping out and really enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in supporting such a fantastic charity. Thanks for having us! 

Team Building