The Scottish Attainment Challenge

The poverty-related attainment gap has been and continues to be an issue for schools and Local Authorities in Scotland (Ellis and Sosu, 2015). For this reason, the new Scottish Attainment Challenge has been brought in for schools with the aim of closing the gap in order to bring about educational equality (Education Scotland, 2016).

So, how can EducationCity help schools and teachers take on this challenge whilst not adding to a seemingly mountainous workload? Easy…

1. Group Your Students However You Want to

Set up groups for those students from a less affluent background in Manage Users and set targeted work for literacy and numeracy in a MyCity for them. Set the MyCity for both work done in school and at home to support their learning.

2. Automated Marking, Tracking and Reporting

SuccessTracker and the Tracking tab in MyCity enables you to clearly see the progress of your students from automatically tracked Activity and Test scores. This means you can easily identify areas for support for targeted intervention – it’s a huge time-saver!

3. Create Learning Pathways with MyCity

Create learning pathways for your students in minutes by setting up a MyCity which is sequenced. This will mean students have a clear understanding of their progression route.

4. Set Tests to Identify Areas of Weakness

Set base-line Tests which automatically identify a student’s areas of weakness and produce a Revision Journal to help them revise. EducationCity will automatically map this to objectives within the Curriculum for Excellence. The best part: everything that the students does is automatically marked, so you can really focus on supporting your students.

Save time without getting overloaded with marking and get back to what teaching should be about… your students’ progress.

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About the Author

Anish Vadher is an experienced qualified teacher who specialises in science. His current role as Business Development Manager at EducationCity sees him providing support to thousands of schools in the UK via a fantastic educational resource and provide them with support for effective learning and teaching.


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