The Students Are Back!

Here at EducationCity, we are proud to support local schools and colleges by offering a number of work experience placements to give their students a taste of the working world. Recently, we played host to work experience student, Lucy Elson. Here’s what she had to say about her week working at EducationCity.

My one week of work experience at EducationCity has been fantastic, from having the chance to work with many different team members, including the Marketing team who I was with for most of my time at EducationCity, to being delegated tasks that I really enjoyed doing. The team members who I worked with included Laura Hindmarch, Head of Marketing; Lindsay Coles, Junior Marketing Executive; Leigh Foley, Marketing Manager; and Alice Clayton, Marketing & Admin Assistant, who were all great to work with!

From the first day of working alongside them, some of the many opportunities I had were to sit in on Marketing meetings, create a comparative competitor analysis and to get involved in the Endurance Challenge which is taking place in June (which I absolutely loved doing)! I had the opportunity to assist in editing the poster and sponsor form for the Endurance Challenge, which was really fun because I had a chance to let my creative side flow!  

As I am interested in Marketing, I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to work alongside the team members in this department, as I had the chance to learn about their various roles, which has enabled me to expand my knowledge on the different types of marketing.

I would definitely recommend EducationCity to anyone who’s considering going there for their work experience, as I have really enjoyed it and learnt a number of new skills which will help me with my college work and future career. Everyone who I have worked with during the week has been supportive, friendly and welcoming, which I am very thankful for as it made my week even better!