ThinkIts Awards 2011 from our guest blogger Ema

ThinkIt Awards

What better way to celebrate the launch of the new ThinkIts module, than to eat ThinkIt cupcakes and hold EducationCity’s first ThinkIt Awards!

ThinkIts Awards 2011 – from our guest blogger – Ema!

A panel of 6 judges rated and gave feedback for each of the 36 ThinkIts. They then decided on one winner for each of these categories:

  • Da Vinci – the award for the most aesthetically pleasing ThinkIt.
  • No Brainer – the award for the easiest to use / easiest for a teacher to implement in a lesson.
  • X-Factor – the award for the ThinkIt that is most engaging / makes you want more!

And the winners are?!

Da Vinci – ID 19 The Epic Journey

“I love this! It is engaging, colourful and looks great!  Teachers will love this one.”

No Brainer – ID 22 Everywhere Everywhere

“Again I really like this one – it’s fun and teachers will love this as quick lesson starter.  Find as many words as possible…”

X-Factor – ID 50 Right Angles

“Very engaging. I found that it really pushes your thinking skills, making sure you really concentrate on the question.”

The winning ThinkIts were framed and hung up for all to see.

What’s your favourite ThinkIt – I’d love to know?

Thanks for reading,

Ema Producer