ThinkIts come to Learn English is pleased to announce that new ThinkIts have been released within its Learn English module.

16 ThinkIts are now available for use within Level B of Year 3 and its equivalent academic  levels across the UK*.  Content covers all  four Learn English strands: Social and Conversational, Language of Science, Language of Mathematics and Academic Reading and Writing.

Fantastic for getting your early intermediate EAL pupils thinking on their feet, ThinkIts  are punchy, fun and thought provoking. They offer teachers a great way to introduce and revise key vocabulary and sentence structure in a lively but natural arena, and pupils love them.

ThinkIts are designed to be used on a whiteboard as an open-ended activity, and can be used:

  • as a morning starter
  • as pupils return from break or assembly so they instantly engage in thinking and learning
  • as the main content focus for a lesson
  • when transitioning from one subject or activity to another
  • to occupy fast finishers

* The new content appears within:

  • England Level 3
  • Scotland First **
  • Wales Year 3
  • N. Ireland P4

Would like to see them for yourself?

If you don’t have access to’s Learn English module, we can arrange a trial for you. Please contact us on 0844 225 3060 or email, and we’ll get you set up!