Thinkits now LIVE in Year 2

Quick and easy to use, this teacher-led tool keeps children constantly challenged, focusing on higher order thinking skills.

ThinkIts Screen Shot Year 2ThinkIts are a treasure trove of intriguing conundrums that will get pupils quickly thinking on their feet and answer teachers’ calls for a cross-curricular tool that’s punchy, fun and thought provoking.

Since their launch in September,ThinkIts has been used over 63,000 times by schools across the UK. We asked teachers what they thought of ThinkIts so far. Here are a few highlights, ThinkIts:
  • enable pupils to think creatively and critically to solve problems – 100% Agree
  • are new and original – 100% Agree
  • add value to teaching and learning – 100% Agree
  • set challenging tasks, build on and extend learning for all learners – 93.75% Agree
  • ensure that pupils are instantly engaged in thinking and learning – 93.75% Agree

“As a new Year 3 teacher, I've really enjoyed using ThinkIts – especially the Literacy ones. It's been a great tool to get to know my new class and how they think as well as the vast differences in answer.” Miss Read, ICT Co-ordinator

“ThinkIts are great for challenging children who need to think more laterally in some subjects”. Ann Stark, Principal Teacher

You can find the new ThinkIts in:

  • England: Year 2
  • Scotland: First*
  • Wales: Year 2
  • Northern Ireland: P3

If you don’t have access to and would like a trial, please contact us on 0844 225 3060 or email and we’ll get you set up!