Three Tips to Motivate Students

As you all know, students are different and may be motivated in different ways, so we wanted to share some ideas to encourage your students and help them achieve great things.

Let’s go!

Assign Tasks

Let your students take ownership in class and be in control of their own little jobs. You could create a list of jobs for the week and let your students earn the opportunity to pick the classroom jobs they’d like to be in charge of. These jobs can cater to their interest and skills, and could include:

  • Reading out everyone’s name for the register
  • Watering the classroom plants
  • Feeding any class pets
  • Updating the calendar


Track Progress

Tracking students’ progress is great for development and improvement. It means students can see their own progress and know what they need to improve on, meaning they will be motivated to try and hit their goal.


Praising and recognising your students’ great work can go a long way and there’s no better motivation than letting students know how proud you are of them.

You could even offer a little incentive in the form of rewards! Students love getting rewards, so there’s no better way to get great classroom motivation than by offering your students the chance to earn them.

We hope you liked our motivational ideas! If you have any you’d like to share, be sure to get in touch with us at @educationcity – we’d love to hear your thoughts!