Time-Saving Tips for Teachers

With this in mind, we wanted to tell you a few of the ways you can use our fab features to help you save time and plan your lessons before the break. 

Let’s start with MyCity…

MyCity lets you quickly group and assign content to your students to complete in the classroom or at home – perfect for targeted learning!

Why is MyCity time-saving?MyCity

  • Find content at your fingertips: easily group it together to give to students. Simply use the Curriculum Map to help find specific content and simply add that piece of content to a MyCity – super easy!
  • MyCities can be used again: name them as something you can use again – saves you time lesson-planning!

Moving on to SuccessTracker

SuccessTracker lets you monitor students’ progress by automatically marking and recording Activity and Test scores for you.

Why is SuccessTracker time-saving?

  • Allows you to view students’ scores: export this information to use for staff meetings and parent evenings – so handy!
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses quickly: to help with future lesson planning, SuccessTracker enables you to monitor individual students’ scores to help with targeted learning.

And lastly…

Home Access lets students access EducationCity out of school to complete any classwork or homework set by their teacher.

Why is Home Access time-saving?

  • Gives students resources for over the holidays: to help combat summer learning loss.
  • Automatically marks homework: Activities, Tests or even work set in a Homework MyCity will be automatically marked, saving you time!

We hope you enjoyed our time-saving tips! We’d love to hear how you use EducationCity to help with your lesson planning. If you’d like to get in touch, tweet us @educationCity.